4 Beauty Careers You Might Love

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Are you thinking of a career move? Do you want it to be something that involves soothing touch? If so, there are many types of jobs that involve just that — and can bring you a good income and sense of community with your coworkers. Here are a few to consider. 

1. Skin Care

From laser procedures to spa services, there’s no shortage of career paths that can lead to serving others in this way. It’s very personal work that requires sensitive communication skills. The qualifications vary a great deal, so research the training that’s required. Do a search for different options if you want to become an esthetician. You’ll find assistance and resources that can help you get started. 

2. Hair Care

You might want to be a salon assistant who mostly does hair washing and treatments or go all the way and become trained as a master stylist. Whatever your preference, haircare is a rapidly growing, exciting field that can put you into high-profile situations if your skills are strong. 

3. Hands and Feet

Getting a mani-pedi used to be a luxury. It’s now a regular practice for many people of all ages and incomes. It’s both a science and art, as you’re taking care of important parts of people’s bodies and decorating them in a unique way. You get to explore your creativity as well as your caring side. 

4. Massage

Though the licensing requirements to become a massage therapist are extensive, it’s one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative career paths to choose in the area of body care. Massage has numerous beauty benefits (in addition to health benefits) and is a foundational part of self-care for increasing numbers of people. 

Selecting a beauty career requires self-awareness and knowledge of your options. Consider these ideas as you plan for the future!