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Choosing the perfect gold necklace set piece


When making jewelry, gold is one of the few highly versatile metals. If a person wants to invest in gold, he/she must first research its market price. If gold prices are very high, then buying gold is simple, but expensive. Exchanging old gold pieces is more difficult. When purchasing gold, one economical option is gold plated jewelry, which uses up to 14-18 carat gold.

If purchasing gold, here are some tips (in this case, we’ll use a necklace):


The first thing to consider is the occasion. An evening party would require a set that is attractive and flashy, while a day event would call for a more understated and comfortable set.


The set should match the clothing. A flashy necklace would stand out against a muted outfit.


A pendant and necklace are an excellent combination. This means one must decide whether they want to wear a pendant along with the necklace. If so, the size of the pendant should also be determined. Also, a variety of necklace and pendant combinations can be worn to ensure the set remains fresh.

Length of necklace

The length of the gold necklace depends on who is wearing it and should be adjusted accordingly. A choker tends to look good on those with long necks. Therefore, those with relatively smaller necks are advised to purchase a longer chain, to offer an illusion of length.


In determining the final choice, one could look through the catalog before deciding on any particular set. The number of gold carats used in the set is also a decision – the purer the gold, the more expensive the set.

Different shades of gold are available. Shades such as white rose, and even pink-colored gold are available, which can create a variety of sets. The latest colors added to traditional gold is a green tinge.

A set can be created by embedding other precious stones, modifying the design according to your taste.