How Reliable Is It to Buy Glasses Online on The Internet?


Shopping online seems to be the most convenient way of shopping. It comes with so many appealing benefits as it can save time and money, offers you a great deal of variety alongside reviews like on ReviewsBird, and saves you the stress of walking from store to store.

Another enticing benefit of online shopping is that it can be done virtually anywhere, and you also get your product delivered to your doorstep.

However, when it comes to buying glasses or lenses online, there are a lot of factors to consider before striking your order.

Enough Money Yet?

A very important benefit of buying glasses online is that it will save you a trip to the local store, but having a price label for each variety of glasses makes it an easy selection based on your budget. However, the cost for delivery is not fixed and relative to the online site you want to purchase from, so depending on the site you’re buying from, you could have a price difference of a few cents.

Are The Glasses a Perfect Fit?

One of the disadvantages of shopping for glass online is that you don’t get to check if it is the best fit before buying. In an optical store, an experienced staff member takes the time needed to fit and select the right eyeglasses for you. Also, the glasses selected when shopped online may not be what they looked like when received. It is easier to choose style and color from an actual store and be sure of what you’re buying than from a website.

Are the prescriptions correct?

Glasses are not like clothes; there are specific details (especially if it is for medical purposes) that must be satisfied, for example, correction for each eye and the distance between the two pupils. However, according to consumer studies, almost 50% of the lenses or glasses ordered by online retailers arrive with some errors. These mistakes are common because online retailers may not be able to satisfy every prescription accurately specifically.

What happens when the prescriptions are wrong?

When a glass ordered online arrives with the wrong prescriptions, it certainly gives you a blurred vision or makes your eyes feel uncomfortable.

Quality of The Frame

There is a possibility that the quality of frames ordered may differ when received. And if the glasses ordered need to be fixed, you will have to go to an optical store after all. Some of the websites to buy glasses do not have insurance, and you may find it difficult to return a glass that doesn’t suit your order.

Despite the ease of shopping online and the low purchase cost, buying a pair of glasses online isn’t reliable. Not every experience is 100% satisfactory, but the cons of buying a pair of glasses online leave a wide mark of satisfaction. Although there are a few good online stores with good reviews like the Voogueme reviews, it’s mostly advisable to shop for your glasses in a physical store that promises total control of the outcome of your glasses.