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Meaning of Roses by Colour

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Flowers have always been used throughout history as a gesture for gifting loved ones and for best wishes. Almost all sentiments we can all imagine of are easily expressed with flowers. White flowers represent peace and serenity, orange flowers represent purity, red flowers for love, this makes flowers a common thing at any event or occasion. And you do not have to worry about the seasonal changes as flowers of all shapes, colours, and sizes can be found throughout the year. If you are planning to make the best impressions on your loved one, it is essential that you know the right colour that portrays your feelings and emotions. To help you make an informed flower choice, in this post, we share meanings of flowers. Take a look.

White roses

White roses are associated with putty, innocence, peace, and wishes for a great beginning. You can gift these flowers to warm the hearts of your loved ones who are grieving, to those not feeling well or recovering from an illness, and beginning a new journey in life. Because white is a colour that represents peace, it also helps bring peace from a white flower arrangement into the hearts of those around.

Red Roses

Red is a colour that symbolises love and amplifies beauty. It’s undeniable that women do love the red colour judging from their liking of red lipstick. And red roses are one of the gifts you can gift your loved one each and every time and always surprise her. Other than contrasting with her lipstick or dress, red flowers are also the Valentines Day colour.

White flowers

Pink Roses

If you are feeling happy and grateful, then pink roses are the ideal gesture to present on such a special moment. The colour pink is also associated with feminism, which also makes pink roses more appropriate for gifting your wife, daughter, sister, mother, and your female family and friends. You can also place your flowers arranged in a pink box too.

Coral Roses

If you are looking for an ideal rose that will fit the gifting part for your friend, then search no further. The coral coloured roses are a symbol of true friendship. They also soothe the hearts of our loved ones going through a difficult time in life. So you can show your sympathy with a bunch of flowers.

Lavender Roses

Love, at first sight, is a coincidence that we all have at different and unexpected times in our lives. And when cupid strikes you the first time you cross paths with the love of your life, it may be difficult or rather embarrassing to say the “words” but, lavender flowers help you confess that you fell in love at first sight.

In conclusion

In addition to the aforementioned, there is a variety of roses with different colours that also have specific meanings you can present for gifting. You can always ask a florist on the ideal roses that will help express yourself. Search for a leading online florist that offers a variety of flowers to choose from. And flowers are a bit delicate to handle, so search for a florist who provides delivery to your destination of choice in India.