Scandinavian Design Watches


The Scandinavian art of design has imbued in many other aspects of items of clothing and living. Watches are one of the many things that is massively influenced by Scandinavian design skills. As a result, Scandinavian design watches have grown in popularity around the world.

Read on to find out the influences of Scandinavian design on watches.

Elegant design

Scandinavian watches are very elegantly designed. They are based on a minimalist design to ensure that that they are easy to use and practical.

When worn on around your wrist, Scandinavian watches attract attention due to their elegant look and fashionable aura. They are designed for both women and men of all ages.

Contemporary watches

Another feature of Scandinavian watches is the contemporary design. With a rich history, Scandinavian watches have evolved with the times. There exist now very advanced watches. These are smart watches that are connected to the internet and can carry numerous apps on them. In addition, they also have incorporated the traditional features such as a compass.

Scandinavian watches are steeped in their rich history and incorporate a modern design and a timeless elegance.


Scandinavian watches are simply designed. This has been the case for many generations of Scandinavian watches. Scandinavian watches are classic. Even when looking simple, the watch designs show that a lot of work has been put into the production of the particular timepiece.

Unique materials

Another unique aspect of Scandinavian design in watches is the use of unique materials. Scandinavian watches have for a long time been made out of materials such as titanium and silver. This leads to the uniqueness of the watches. They stand out in a mass of watches made from stainless steel.

Unique color schemes

Scandinavian watches also have unique color schemes and patterns. It is not rare to find a Scandinavian watch with a mix of colors such as black and white to have different meaning or representations.

Often, Scandinavian watches will have a single solid color on the dial with different color on the arms which brings out the unique color scheme designs.


Due to the materials used in the development and crafting of the watches, you will find that the watches are long lasting and durable.

These are watches that can be easily passed down generations to become valued family heirlooms.

Asian influence

Scandinavian watches have a lot of Asian influence either in their design or in their manufacturing. There are many Scandinavian watches that have Asian influence in the way they mix their colors or in the style in which they are produced.

For example, there are watch designs based on the Asian Zen concept while others are manufactured based on the best manufacturing Japanese technology.

Forward thinking design

Scandinavian watches are designed to last a life time and longer. As such these watches are designed based on inspiration of nature. This ensures that as nature persists so does the timepieces that are designed based on it.


Creativity is a key factor in the production and development of Scandinavian watches. It therefore leads to products that are unique and appealing to the buyers and other watch manufacturers and designers who then copy their products.

Gender sensitive designs

Having built watches for the men’s market over the years, Scandinavian watches have also come of age and there now exists new designs that cater to the women’s market. Now, there is a range of watches that target men, women and unisex designs that can be worn by anyone who likes the watch.


In their design process, Scandinavian watch designers ensure that they keep in mind that comfort when wearing their watch. Therefore, their designs are also influenced by how the wearer will feel with the watch on their hands.


Scandinavian watches are beautiful watches. They are beautifully designed and comfortable to wear. They are available in different colors and are suitable for everyday wear. They can be worn to the office or to social functions.