Things to Know About Concealed Carry Holsters

Online Shopping

Have you made a decision to carry a concealed weapon? After you complete your training and purchase your weapon, you will need to purchase several holsters, such as concealed carry ankle holsters, to ensure you can carry your firearm comfortably and safely with different types of clothing.

Carry Method

Your first consideration when purchasing holsters is your preferred carry methods. Remember, you may need to purchase multiple holsters for different activities, clothing choices, and activities. For example, an ankle holster is great for a backup weapon or for those who sit most of the day at a desk because they can quickly lean over and pull their weapons. However, those who are running or standing may find it challenging to effectively pull a gun from an ankle holster without notifying the enemy that they have a concealed weapon.

Weapon Fit

Safety should be your number-one concern. Therefore, you need holsters that are made for your specific weapon that also completely covers the trigger mechanism. You may think that any 9mm holster will fit your firearm, but you will find that some fit too tight while others allow your weapon to move and slide around. This can make it difficult to draw your weapon, cause accidental misfiring or reveal your weapon to others. Therefore, choose a holster made of sturdy materials, such as leather, and make sure it was made for your specific weapon.

Ankle Holsters

Off-Body Carrying

If you choose to carry your weapon but don’t want to wear a holster, you have several options. You can carry it inside a purse or briefcase. You can also carry a weapon in a fanny-type pack or belt pack, which are gaining popularity. If you carry off your body, be sure to keep your carry method with you and ensure that your weapon is easily accessible at all times.


No matter what holsters you choose, be sure to practice drawing your weapon with both hands from each holster.

Carrying concealed is a big responsibility. Purchasing the right holsters can vastly improve your safety and the safety of those around you.