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Tips and Tricks for Buying Clothes Online

Online Shopping

Internet shopping certainly has its advantages — no need to wait in line or leave the house. And while it comes with a long list of pros, it can also have a few drawbacks like those jeans that arrive too small in sizes. Read up on some tips for online shopping to save yourself time and aggravation (think: no returns or nasty surprises). When next you want to go on a shopping spree, use these, and you will not be disappointed with your order.

1.Know Your Measurements

We should be aware that sizes differ with the brand as well as the batch of the products. You can quickly notice whether a clothing item is not your size physically, but you cannot do that with online shopping. Go to your local tailor or seamstress, and take note of your bust, waist, and hips. It makes sure you have as precise a calculation as possible.

2.Check for Reviews

Customer reviews are highly useful pieces of information because they provide you with a realistic viewpoint on the piece you find. Check for feedback on design and material quality to get a better sense of whether an object fits right to size, or whether you need to scale up or down. Feedback on online stores should not be limited to the customer care services only, check for reviews from different clients as well.

3.Research Materials

A material feel is just as critical as the size. There’s nothing worse than actually getting the dress you’ve been eying for months, only to find out that the fabric feels like sandpaper. Because you cannot touch the material and, therefore, cannot tell only from looking at a picture what the texture of a piece is like, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the material of the fabric. Go through your wardrobe and find the fashion items you enjoy the most, as well as everything you feel itchy, stuffy, or awkward with. Take note of the content compositions and use them as a point of reference while shopping online. If you know you hate polyester and it’s all about that top you’re about to buy, you’ll know it’s better to take a pass.

4.Look to The Catwalk

Images can be misleading, so if you have a chance to see a piece in motion, hop on it. ASOS, Warehouse, and Net-a-Porter are only a few of the places that have videos alongside product shots to give shoppers an insight into how clothes look like IRL.

5.Be Flexible

Be mindful that how a color appears on screen cannot translate in person the same way. Not only that, but it can change color from batch to batch too. So, while you should be prepared to arrive in a slightly different color for your items, if it doesn’t meet even your modified standards (like burnt orange showing up neon), certainly return it.

6.Give the Return Policies a Second Glance

However, if you have taken all the above steps, the occasional frustration may still be present. Be sure before you request and familiarize yourself with the return policies. Factors to look for: free returns, how long you have to return the product, whether or not you can make exchanges, whether or not returns can be made in-store and if there is a charge for restocking it.