Ways to Refresh Your Look


When you feel like you’re in a funk, you may just want to refresh your look to brighten up your funk.  Sometimes a slight change can be the thing you need to get you out of that funky feel. Consider spicing up your look with these easy, feel-good adjustments to your appearance.

Hair Styles

Sometimes designing a new look can give you a whole new sense of invigoration. Consider getting hair extensions White Plains NY that can offer you a natural look with a little bit of drama. Whether you are trying to get a more voluminous look to give some excitement to your hair or if you are dealing with hair loss, styled hair with extensions can give you that look that will be sure to brighten your day.

Temporary Leave-in Color

Consider changing up your look with a temporary color change. There are many products out there to give you a different hue without the risk of causing damage, the major financial commitment of professional color and that washes out over a few weeks. When you apply this color at home, make sure that you have supplies for proper application. While the color is temporary, it can stain fabrics, so proceed carefully.

New Makeup

Maybe you have applied makeup in the same fashion for many years and you are feeling unenthused by your look. Consider adding some excitement with a fun fresh makeup look. There is so much that can be done with all sorts of makeup products. Consider your face your canvas and your makeup your colors and tools, so take some time and have fun exploring new looks.

Nail Styling

Adorning your nails with a fun pop of color or a new design can both be great fun and a great way to shake things up. Consider treating yourself to a spa day with a mani/Pedi combination for a special day out. Add something fun like a seasonal design or a color you wouldn’t normally wear to give yourself a sense of relaxation and a way to invigorate your look.

Try Something New

When you’re feeling off, it is important to know that shaking things up does not just apply to your look. Consider trying a new skill or activity that can help you step outside of your comfort zone. With these changes, this may be just what you needed to break out of your moody state and feel brighter.

Funks can weigh us down and make us feel unhappy. Consider how you can shake things up with these changes to your look and life and find a whole new, exhilarating stance on life.