The sportswear businesses grew healthier in 2021, as individuals spent plenty of budget on buying sports clothing to devote quality time practicing different exercises and physical activities at home. Though other businesses including the fashion domain suffered and experienced a decline in consumer demand, athleisure and activewear brands prospered more than regularly. Online purchasing of […]

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Plus Size Dresses

What to Consider When Buying a Dress

Having an up-to-date wardrobe means stocking it with quality pieces of clothes that fit you perfectly, regardless of your size, shape, skin tone, or taste. When you do that, you’ll realize that no matter what type of dress you choose to rock on a particular day, you will look amazing. Whether at work, a meeting, […]

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4 Beauty Careers You Might Love

Are you thinking of a career move? Do you want it to be something that involves soothing touch? If so, there are many types of jobs that involve just that — and can bring you a good income and sense of community with your coworkers. Here are a few to consider.  1. Skin Care From […]

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equestrian helmets

Top 5 Must-Have Equestrian Garments

Make no mistake about it–horse riding is a sport. And just like with most sports, you’ll need the proper clothing and equipment to ride safely. Riding is a physical challenge for both you and your horse, and each of you should be properly outfitted. Whether you’re a casual rider, an enthusiast who participates in events, […]

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leather key rings

4 Great Accessory Ideas for Men

You’re rocking your style in so many ways. Your clothes fit your personality and physique, you’re reasonably fit, and everything you wear is clean and pressed. But something is missing. Think about it. It might be your accessories — or lack of them. They do make a big impact. It doesn’t have to be a […]

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Best fashion trends for 2021

Looking for the best insights into the world of fashion for 2021? Blvcks has you covered. Our experts have analyzed the current trends, hottest purchases, and the most awaited up-coming clothing pieces, from the world’s leading brands, to bring you the hottest trends for 2021. Read and dress your best this year, with the help […]

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Things to Know About Concealed Carry Holsters

Have you made a decision to carry a concealed weapon? After you complete your training and purchase your weapon, you will need to purchase several holsters, such as concealed carry ankle holsters, to ensure you can carry your firearm comfortably and safely with different types of clothing. Carry Method Your first consideration when purchasing holsters is […]

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