Which brands are doing well during the pandemic?

Online Shopping

Life is such that opposite things sometimes happen to people on opposite sides of a table. For example, a new British Prime Minister cannot be appointed if the previous one doesn’t leave office either through tenure expiration, removal, or death. Hence, the death of a Prime Minister could lead to the elevation of someone else who would be happy at the promotion even as the family of the former PM is grieving. The same applies to several other scenarios in life including during the pandemic. While most businesses, especially travel agencies and tourist centres were forced to shut down, some other companies were making more profit than they would have made without the pandemic.

In a year where many people lost money, 2 individuals: Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk of Tesla both achieved more than double of their wealth in the same year. This was because while most other companies were suffering from the effects of the pandemic, a company like Amazon was a direct beneficiary. You might be planning to start a business after losing the last one to the pandemic or this is your first business ever. However, you want to put the pandemic or similar scenarios into consideration so that your business doesn’t suffer in the event of a pandemic in the future. This article will discuss brands that benefitted from the pandemic, or at the least, were not affected by the pandemic.

the pandemic

Grocery stores

One of the businesses that continued to thrive during the pandemic is grocery stores. People will always use grocery irrespective of if they are locked at home or not. The fact that most people are locked at home could contribute to using more of some groceries. Hence, grocery stores are one of the types of businesses that did well during the lockdown. Even for physical grocery stores, they were not locked down during the lockdown imposed by most countries because they were marked as businesses that provided essential service that people needed during the lockdown. One of the very few reasons why people were allowed to move around during the lockdown was also to visit grocery stores and stock up on their groceries. Many people, however, did not bother about going out to grocery stores as they just ordered online and the groceries were delivered to them.

Internet hosting-related companies

Internet hosting related companies were also not affected during the pandemic. Most people turned to the Internet to keep themselves less bored. They also used the Internet for a wide range of other activities. Hence, those who had websites ensured that they kept their website running properly and where they started to notice more traffic, upgraded their web hosting plan. Hence, the implication is that web hosting companies had most of their existing customers renewing payment for their services and probably upgrading to higher plans that cost more. Furthermore, some people who were bored at home started learning web development or started designing the website they have always wanted to build, resulting in the creation of new accounts. The same applied to SEO and marketing companies as well. If you have a new or existing website you want to promote, you can read about brands in online marketing on uk.collected.reviews to know the right marketing company to use.

Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies

Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies were needed to manage the millions of people around the world getting infected with the virus as well as treatment for people who had other normal ailments. Hence, the hospital became crowded due to more patients who would have to pay for their treatments either directly, through insurance, or government support. Pharmaceutical companies also got grants to start creating vaccines and medications for the pandemic. Companies that were into creation of sanitizers, face mask and even tissue paper were getting more orders than they could handle with retailers running out of stock of sanitizers and tissue paper as early as February in some countries.